Created by 3 friends on the beaches of Brazil, CoViCo is an acronym for Coconut Visionary Company. It’s our passion to produce unique, plant-based ingredients from the treasures of the coconut tree to share with consumers around the world.

Since 2008, we’ve been using our proprietary technology to make the vital nutrients found in coconuts available to the world. 


Unique products made in Norway using a proprietary and patented production process. Our enzymatic hydrolysis process allows us to extract a one-of-a-kind, fresh salmon oil, proteins and calcium from the highest quality Atlantic salmon.

Our products aren’t subject to any heavy processing, they’re made without any additives and are not concentrated.


Remembering our commitment to doing more good in the world, we decided to use our supply chains and production technologies used for coconut ingredients, amazonian fruits, Norwegian salmon ingredients, and hemp, for medical supplies during the COVID-19 crisis.

We’re able to guarantee efficient and on-time delivery. You can count on us for transparency and reliability when it comes to supplying you with PPE equipment and medical supplies. 


Our mission is to provide the world with the highest quality ethically sourced Amazonian products that have minimal impact on the earth and maximum benefit to local communities.

We partner with local, isolated communities in regions that produce the highest quality Amazonian fruits to help them realize the potential of their homeland and enter into a sustainable, global economy.


The feeling of the warm sun covering your skin on a summer day is one that is hard to beat. While that feeling surely is wonderful, many people forget about the actual health benefits of sunlight.

With a mission to help people live happier and healthier lives, we set out to make the highest quality micronized vitamin D3 products. Our products are water-soluble, making them great choices for those on the go.

There’s a reason you were always told to eat your vegetables. They have loads of amazing health benefits; and one of them is the anti-aging effects provided by collagen peptides found in carrot glycoprotein.

We strongly believe in taking care of our planet and ourselves, which inspired us to use our innovative technologies to produce readily available micronized carrot glycoproteins for the world.



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