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To make your life easier, we’ve gathered some of our most frequently asked questions here. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in contact with us!

  • Can I receive a sample before making a purchase?
    The answer is yes! Get in contact with a team member to help find the best product for you. We're sure you'll love it!
  • How do I place an order?
    Get in contact with a team member, and we'll help you out with all your needs!
  • Do I need to have a registered business to purchase?
    Yes- at this time, we work directly with businesses and distributors only. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Where are your coconuts from?
    We farm our coconuts in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India.
  • Is coconut farming sustainable?
    Very sustainable actually! We may even go as far as saying that coconut products are one of the most sustainable non-dairy alternatives. Find out more about how and why coconut farming is more sustainable over on our blog.
  • What coconut products do you offer?
    Here's what we offer: Coconut Water Powder Coconut Water Coconut Milk/Cream Powder Coconut Milk/Cream Coconut Nectar - Sugar Virgin Coconut Oil
  • What's the difference between coconut milk and coconut cream?
    In reality, they are one of the same. Coconut cream tends to be higher in fat content and thicker than coconut milk, but there is no standard of identity for either. So in the end, you choose what goes on your label.
  • What is evaporated coconut water?
    Using proprietary technologies, we're able to turn our liquid products into a water-soluble powder, while maintaining the nutrients! This makes for a better tasting product that has a longer shelf life and is easier and more cost-effective to ship.
  • Why does CoViCo coconut water taste different?
    Our coconuts are picked and frozen at the peak of freshness- meaning the taste your tasting is 100% real, fresh coconut water with no oxidized notes. Other coconut water products that have been outside of the coconut for too long may get a 'yellow' color, or become salty or bitter. Not the case with CoViCo evaporated coconut water! Ours is naturally sweet, refreshing, and crystal clear!
  • How are Hofseth Biocare products made?
    We use our patented enzyme process with no chemicals or solvents so that you get the pure, natural and fresh nutrition that still possesses all the strength and vitality of whole Norwegian salmon.
  • Do Hofseth Biocare products have additives?
    Hofseth Biocare products have no chemical additives or concentrates. Our products undergo a gentle, low temperature production process.
  • What products does Hofseth Biocare offer?
    We offer several salmon ingredients to suit your unique health needs: ProGo Salmon Protein Powder Type II Collagen CollaGo Salmon Collagen Powder OmeGo Salmon Oil PetGo Salmon Protein Powder PHP CalGo Salmon Bone Powder
  • What is OmeGo?
    OmeGo is our Norwegian salmon oil product. Through our gentle and pure process, oil is taken from salmon offcuts without any contaminants. The best part? There is practically no taste or odor, and our product provides the best clinical results.
  • What is ProGo?
    ProGo is our soluble protein powder made from unique salmon that have the the fastest uptake of protein nitrogen into the body.
  • What is CalGo?
    CalGo is a marine, calcium powder made from salmon bones. CalGo is made without any artifical chemicals or additives.
  • What products does MediViCo offer?
    MediViCo currently offers: Face masks and respirators Examination gloves Surgical gloves Surgical Gowns
  • Where are MediViCo products manufactured?
    Our products are sourced from several countries worldwide. We partner with manufacturing facilities with only the highest standards and certifications. Soon, we will be opening a U.S. based manufacturing facility, and our face masks will be 100% U.S. made! Stay tuned!
  • What products does AmaViCo offer?
    AmaViCo currently offers: Acai Powder Acerola Powder
  • How is your acai powder made?
    AmaViCo's Acai Powder is made by freeze drying acai pulp from freshly picked acai berries. Our acai powder has no added ingredients. 100% Acai.
  • Where are AmaViCo products produced?
    Our production occurs in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon that produces only the highest quality berries. Our close location to the source of the fruit means our products taste fresh and maintain their nutrient levels through processing.
  • What products does SunViCo offer?
    Currently, SunViCo offers the only water soluble, micronized Vitamin D3 powder.
  • What are the benefits of Vitamin D3?
    Vitamin D3 can impact many different areas of the body. Here are some of the many benefits: Stronger bones Insulin control, which is critical for your body to manage blood sugar levels Lower blood pressure Possible cancer prevention Improves heart health Mood booster
  • What products does CollaViCo offer?
    CollaViCo offers a one-of-a-kind vegetarian collagen, made from carrot peptides.
  • What are collagen peptides?
    Collagen consists of amino acids which are found in fibrous tissue (tendons, ligaments and skin). Collagen peptides are the bioavailable forms of collagen.
  • What is vegetarian collagen?
    Our vegetarian collagen is made from carrots- that's right, carrots!
  • What type of collegen is carrot collagen?
    Our CollaViCo Vegetarian Collagen is Type I, III and V collagen.
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